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Hey, I’m Sarah Kirby and I’m an artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta. I have been painting and drawing ever since I was able to hold a paintbrush. As an only child, art was a form of entertainment and escapism.


In high school, I received my first portrait commission and went on to win an art competition in the adult category for paintings. Despite early success as an artist, I never pursued art as a career focus and went on to get a bachelor of science degree majoring in biology. Art was close to my heart and the fear of failure pushed me to pursue other things. While working a full-time corporate job, there was a great emptiness and a sense of being lost. It just felt like I was not being true to myself. With encouragement from my husband, I finally took the jump into becoming a full-time artist and found my passion and joy in life.


I enjoy painting many different subjects; live wedding paintings, portraits, and fantasy-themed artwork.


What would you like me to paint? Connect with me, I would love to chat about it :)

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