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The Process

1. Planning The Painting

You will get a questionnaire to fill out to help plan your live painting experience and to go over details that are important to be included. You get to decide what part of the day you would like painted such as your ceremony, first dance, or cake cutting. One of the best parts of having an artist at your wedding is that I can add anything into the painting such as a relative that can't make it or even the family pet.

2. The Wedding Day

I arrive 2 hours before the event to set up and sketch the scene. When it comes time to capture the special moment, photos and videos to be used as a reference to ensure accuracy. Then I will begin a very exciting part: Painting the couple. Everyone is amazed to see how quickly and accurately the details are captured.

3. Final Details

Near the end of the night, I will get you to come over to my easel for a final look at your artwork. Then the wet oil painting will be brought back to the studio for refinements and to let it safely dry. The painting will be varnished so it will last forever as a beautiful keepsake from your wedding day.

3. Hang It Up

The painting will be securely shipped to you free of charge or will be hand-delivered in the Edmonton area. It will hang on your walls and bring you back to your wedding night every time you look at it.

  • What is required to book?
    All I ask for is a deposit of 20% and a signed contract to book your date. This deposit it non-refundable but if there is a cancellation, it can be used towards a painting done in my studio.
  • Does the venue need to supply anything?
    I bring my own equipment, lights, easel, and portable batteries. So you do not need to worry about needing anything extra for me, except for 4' x 4' of space.
  • How long will you be painting?
    I like to arrive around 2 hours before the event begins to setup and sketch out the details of your event space. I am usually at weddings until midnight, and sometimes later! I will be at your event for at least 6 hours.
  • Is it okay if guests chat with you while you while you're working?
    I love talking to guests during the night! I have even been known to hand a child a brush and allow them paint a little(with guidance!). I am happy to answer any questions your guests have during the night, and they can take as many photos as they want with the painting.
  • How many people can we add in the painting?
    All packages include the wedding couple, but extra guests can be added for an extra $50 per person. The style for wedding portraits is that the bride and groom will be painted in the most detail, as they are the main focus of the painting. Guests will be painted in less detail, in an impressionistic style that fits in well with the surroundings.
  • Is the painting completed at the event?
    I work many hours into your event to get the painting as close to done as possible, but it will not be complete by the end of the night. It will be brought into my studio afterwards, for finishing touches, refinements and varnishing. This is to ensure the painting is absolutely perfect.
  • Are you willing to travel?
    Yes, I love to travel! If your event is in the Edmonton area there is no travel fee. Outside of that, I ask for travel costs to be covered (gas or flight, and hotel room). Gas fees are based on the Canada reasonable per-km allowance ( which is currently $0.68 per km for the round trip.
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